Thoughts on Homeschooling

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.31.08, under Blog, Random Findings

An excellent little treat on homeschooling comes from

Thousands of years of human civilization illustrate that successful societies integrate children into adult society. That is, they don’t warehouse thousands of teens and children with other teens and children.  You learn manners and socialization skills by associating with people who have them: namely, adults. Hanging out constantly with other children teaches you only how to behave like a barbaric child. This is why civilized people build education and training around apprenticeships, home schooling, and other systems that involve close association between adults and children.

This is so true. In my work I am constantly dealing with people just coming out of school, college or university. What most of them share is a total inability to  take reality seriously, think independently and to integrate into an “adult” society. How can it be that a 25 year old man must be taught the basics of life and thought in the workplace today?!

Public schooling fails. And it fails everywhere. It fails when it comes to skills, knowledge, character and values. It is a source of mediocrity, stasis and sense of entitlement. Does it really surprise anyone that so many young people today see the career of a bureaucrat as desirable? A career that reflects not entrepreneurship, change, progress or individual action and responsibility but exactly the opposite? Who’s going to drive the future if “going gray” becomes not only an option, but an acceptable goal of life?