State == Evil

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.02.09, under Blog, Evil State

Many people look at me with crossed eyes when I mention that I believe that the State leads to evil behavior. So, I collect examples on that:

In the christian state (intentional sarcasm) of Italy it is now a crime to assist illegal immigrants that are in distress at sea.

If you didn’t find the problem with the first read, read it again – and again.

The State is punishing private people whose only crime it is to help save the life of unwanted (illegal) humans! Let them drown or go to jail? I don’t know what else to say to that without spilling tears of rage and desperation.

Please, dear fellow Christians: STOP justifying the state, it is not your friend, and it violates your law, and it punishes people for doing good.

(I sadly don’t have a link to backup this claim, the source has been German national television (ZDF), “Mittagsmagazine” on Sept 2nd 2009)