Berlin house elections

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.19.09, under Blog, Evil State, Liberty

Yesterday was one of those big days of democracy, where the people elected those that shall represent them.

As most readers of this blog should know by now, I am not a big fan of democracy as a method to find out which rules should be created and enforced. There are many reasons for my view, the main two being that I do not agree on using force to order society – and the other is that democracy as it is done today simply does not work.

And yesterday’s numbers show that:

First, when you look at the

distribution of votes by city neighborhood, you will notice that different parties won in different neighborhoods. But now only one government will rule them all. Instead of these neighborhoods splitting from each other and become self-administered, they are now all unhappy. Great.

Second, democracy ignores all those that have not voted, or who’s votes went down the drain. I actually spent a few minutes to run some calculations on the results from yesterday’s vote. And the results show what a scam democracy is:

  • Berlin has 3,471,756 residents.  2,469,702 may take part in casting their votes in elections. 29% do not get to vote at all.
  • From the 2,469,702 that may vote, only 1,486,616 did. Close to 40% decided that the elections are not worth it, or that none of the options presented deserved their support. This includes me.
  • From those 1,476,616 that did cast their votes, only 1,311,680 actually voted for a party that would enter the house.  This means that only 37.78% of the residents elected those … persons … that would rule us for the next couple of years. All other votes are lost due to people not filling out the forms correctly or voting for a party that would not enter the parliament.
  • The three most likely government coalitions will represent only 19.30% – 21.72% of the residents of Berlin, but make a mess out of 99% of their lives.
  • Even under the most ideal coalition, every seat will present 9,780 voters, or 22,841 residents. The most likely coalition will have one seat representing 19,056 voters or 44,510 residents. There’s no way one can know what those represented really want.
  • Only those of the None-Of-The-Above faction constitute a majority of residents (62.98%) and they still make about 47% of those “allowed” to vote. Still, they have no voice at all.
  • Almost as much people cast their votes for a single-issue “animal’s rights party” than for a party that alone stood for lowering taxes or state involvement (though they are a s*am as well).

In the end, it is all a numbers-and-power game. Those that simply have no interest in directing the lives of their neighbors are excluded by default. Those that live on redistribution, busy-body-ism and nosing around rule.

This is by design, not by the will of people. Because democracy simply does not work, cannot work, will no work. Democracy is the method of the few ruling the many and selling it as if it were a grand idea.

Those loving liberty and respecting their neighbors: Stop wasting your time and loyalty to this scam. Do something for peace and prosperity yourself.

I know, they wont listen.

Still, those that mess with all our lives for the next half decade do so…

Not in my name.


p.s.: Yes, I know… some people will now say that I should have voted to turn things around. They miss the point by not even shooting in the right direction. Go along, nothing to see here.

Those interested in the numbers, here they are: Votes, Coalitions.