The Smallest Social Philosophy - Condensed Version

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2012.30.03, under Agorism, Blog, Liberty

It really takes a toll to surf around political commentary websites these days. Lots of ‘we want this’, ‘you have to do this’ and even more detailed and complicated ways to mess up everyone.

There’s an alternative:

The Smallest Social Philosophy

  • The universe owes us nothing – not food, not pleasure, not security, not life.
  • Every human interaction must be mutually voluntary.
  • Denial of cooperation is fully acceptable.
  • If you want to do something, do it yourself, or…
  • If you want someone else to do something, convince or pay him.
  • Do not resort to violence, butseparate instead.
  • Do not take what another has.
  • Do not intrude into the private sphere of another.
  • Keep your promises.

It’s so easy that I trust no one who does not get it, or does not want to get it.