Security, Scale and Breakdown

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2012.09.02, under Agorism, Blog, Just Stuff

Random thought: The larger a network or computer system, and the more centralized, the tougher it is to protect against catastrophic takedowns. More elements and people results in higher probability of break-in. More centralization means more damage/loot in case of security breach. Big, centralized systems thus equal high security risk. Throw into that the decreasing effectiveness of state security enforcement, it might look a little… bleak. The solution? Decentralization, down-scaling, crypto-anarchist security (read “legal”) systems.

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A few talks I gave in the past

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2012.06.02, under Blog, Just Stuff

Only the presentations, no audio/video, and some are in German: Bitcoin Explained Cryptoanarchy – Wer Computer hat braucht keinen Staat Sichere Kommunikation – Intro The Transnational Vanguard and the Rise of Cryptotribes

Berlin house elections

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.19.09, under Blog, Evil State, Liberty

Yesterday was one of those big days of democracy, where the people elected those that shall represent them.

As most readers of this blog should know by now, I am not a big fan of democracy as a method to find out which rules should be created and enforced. There are many reasons for my view, the main two being that I do not agree on using force to order society – and the other is that democracy as it is done today simply does not work.

And yesterday’s numbers show that:

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More on RuleScaping

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.19.07, under Blog, Scribbles, Writings

Another thing I wrote for LoTNV:

RuleScape: Dynamic peaceful order in societies

We are currently witnessing fundamental changes in human society. Common shared values are lost, general ideologies disappear, technical progress accelerates. And at the same time the systemic inter-dependencies increase, global connections grow and the amplification of power and error roar. Change in general has become a fundamental dynamic. But our concepts of organizing societies have not progressed for the last one hundred years.

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Agreements for a Networked World: RuleScape

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.16.07, under Blog, Writings

Something I wrote for the folks over at LoTNV:

There are two kinds of dangerous rules: Those that do not work and those that most people ignore.

Both lead to broken peace and stalled life. The usual way of creating rules – law – was to create fixed rules from top to down and enforce them with surveillance and threats of violence.

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Autonomy and Peace

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.22.06, under Agorism, Blog

From the Second Realm blog:[]( “Autonomy and Peace, Second Realm”) About everyone agrees that there is something “wrong” with how the world operates today – and we chime into that choir. But our analysis and solutions are radically different. What is it that goes wrong? What should be done instead? And, most of all, who should do it? What is our reasoning?  

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