Security, Scale and Breakdown

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2012.09.02, under Agorism, Blog, Just Stuff

Random thought: The larger a network or computer system, and the more centralized, the tougher it is to protect against catastrophic takedowns. More elements and people results in higher probability of break-in. More centralization means more damage/loot in case of security breach. Big, centralized systems thus equal high security risk. Throw into that the decreasing effectiveness of state security enforcement, it might look a little… bleak. The solution? Decentralization, down-scaling, crypto-anarchist security (read “legal”) systems.

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A few talks I gave in the past

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2012.06.02, under Blog, Just Stuff

Only the presentations, no audio/video, and some are in German: Bitcoin Explained Cryptoanarchy – Wer Computer hat braucht keinen Staat Sichere Kommunikation – Intro The Transnational Vanguard and the Rise of Cryptotribes

The root of all evil: Compound Interest!!!!

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.01.09, under Blog, Just Stuff

A few days ago I sat in a bar talking to a drunken fellow next to me. He was all about that current banking and money system being evil (which I agree on). So I asked him what the main issue for him is: Compound interest! It is the root of all our troubles. Because it means that you can never pay back your debt and that whomever you owe something will own everything sooner or later.

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