Berlin house elections

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.19.09, under Blog, Evil State, Liberty

Yesterday was one of those big days of democracy, where the people elected those that shall represent them.

As most readers of this blog should know by now, I am not a big fan of democracy as a method to find out which rules should be created and enforced. There are many reasons for my view, the main two being that I do not agree on using force to order society – and the other is that democracy as it is done today simply does not work.

And yesterday’s numbers show that:

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Second Realm

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.10.06, under Agorism, Blog, Liberty, Probable Fiction, Random Findings

It has been a while since I wrote this small booklet. But it is still relevant. Lot’s of typos though. As always. And needs some more information on cultural development and how to get people involved. Check it out: I wonder when part II will get done.

Scribble: All that is Peaceful

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.07.09, under Agorism, Blog, Liberty, Scribbles


Usually I refer to myself as an anarchist, or maybe an anarcho-capitalist, sometimes even as a voluntaryist. But none of those terms are satisfactory when talking with people that are not well versed in the theory of those terms. And, those terms fall short of describing my motivations and basic views on “right life” in society. Therefor I shall confront you, my dear reader, with the guiding motto of my life: “All that is Peaceful.”

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Wage Slavery?

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.02.09, under Blog, Liberty

I still have to admit that the whole concept of “wage slavery” escapes my little confused brain.

Wage slavery, as it seems to me, is based on the following understanding:

People working for less compensation then they think would be just. This does not only include the monetary wage but also often the demand for being directly in control of the means of production and even to be paid “the full value of the product”. Often the “control of the means of production” extends to “not being bossed around and treated as property”.

While I do understand all of the above concerns, and sympathize with them (which is one of the reasons I became self-employed), I do not fully understand how to call it “unjust” or even slavery.

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States spending themselves to death

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.01.09, under Agorism, Blog, Liberty, Random Findings

The nation states of the world cannot stop spending money they don’t have. They know they must stop, but they cannot. It is the nature of democratic republics. All the controls the United States and others have put on their governments have now broken down. It was inevitable. We can expect our government to continue running rampant. It will continue growing in its brazenness, in its sheer stupidity. What’s happening now will only get worse.

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