Global Spying

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.16.06, under Blog, Probable Fiction, The Intel State, Writings

Something I wrote some years ago, mostly as an accident. But still relevant for today, even more then ever.

Global Spying:

Realistic Probabilities In Modern Signals Intelligence

In this article, we will present insight to the realistic possibilities of Internet mass surveillance. When talking about the threat of Internet surveillance, the common argument is that there is so much traffic that any one conversation or email won’t be picked up unless there is reason to suspect those concerned; it is impossible that “they” can listen to us all.

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Second Realm

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It has been a while since I wrote this small booklet. But it is still relevant. Lot’s of typos though. As always. And needs some more information on cultural development and how to get people involved. Check it out: I wonder when part II will get done.

Reality-Fiction Continuum

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2011.06.06, under Blog, Probable Fiction, Scribbles

It is an interesting question when one takes oneself and tries to fit into the big picture of things. Becoming clear of one’s own position in life, world affairs – and defining where one wants to be in the future.

When I asked myself these questions I began scribbling down what I perceived as my personal coordinate system. The result was the name for this blog, and the picture seen here (it is also the title scribble of this website):

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Buback murder - Terrorism, Secrets, Legitimacy

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.31.08, under Probable Fiction, The Intel State

Germany currently sees a micro-scandal surrounding a murder that lies 32 years in the past. What happened? Some RAF (Red Army Fraction) terrorists killed Mr. Buback (chief federal prosecutor of Germany) and two of his companions by firing an automatic weapon at his car. To this date it is unclear who exactly played which role in the murder, and specifically who fired the deadly shots. The son of Mr. Buback has now spent the better part of his life to press the investigators to finally come up with an answer, to no avail – until now. And the answer seems to include some political explosive information. Which is where the scandal begins:

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