Bitcoin presentation, addendum

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Yesterday I held a small presentation concerning Bitcoin. For those that can read German, here’s the stuff:

Someone even blogged about it: (German)

Second Realm


It has been a while since I wrote this small booklet. But it is still relevant.

Lot’s of typos though. As always. And needs some more information on cultural development and how to get people involved.

Check it out:

I wonder when part II will get done.

Bitcoin spam

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You know when you hit a bubble or a strange business when you receive spam about it.
So it happened to this blog last night. We received two spam comments that try to entice the use of some bitcoin based mining pool, exchanger and whatever.

Have a look at this site: http://www.bitcoins.REMOVED You can actually earn free bitcoins by your own. Currently i think the value is something like $10 each!

Fun 😉

A terrible thing to see

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Today I stumbled over a sad and confusing report by 60 Minutes concerning people calling themselves “Sovereign Citizens“.
Rather then contributing to the outrage over these people, the making-fun of them, or taking the side of the majority I am more interested in the underlying problem.

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States spending themselves to death

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The nation states of the world cannot stop spending money they don’t have.  They know they must stop, but they cannot.  It is the nature of democratic republics.  All the controls the United States and others have put on their governments have now broken down.  It was inevitable.

We can expect our government to continue running rampant.  It will continue growing in its brazenness, in its sheer stupidity.  What’s happening now will only get worse.  And worse.  We will reach a tipping point.

And it will be time for a change.
Ten Reasons To Be Happy

As Thatcher said once: “The problem with socialism is that you run out of other people’s money.” I concur, but even extend this: The problem with political means is that you run out of other people’s money and the ability to print your own ad infinitun.

Thoughts on Homeschooling

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An excellent little treat on homeschooling comes from

Thousands of years of human civilization illustrate that successful societies integrate children into adult society. That is, they don’t warehouse thousands of teens and children with other teens and children.  You learn manners and socialization skills by associating with people who have them: namely, adults. Hanging out constantly with other children teaches you only how to behave like a barbaric child. This is why civilized people build education and training around apprenticeships, home schooling, and other systems that involve close association between adults and children.

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The decentralization of Information (by means of Internet)

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Ten Reasons To Be Happy.

#2.  The decentralization of information is here. For most of the twentieth century, ideas and information in America were largely controlled in two institutions closely tied to the state: the media and the Academy.  The Internet has blown that wide open.  Add in Twitter, Facebook, Digg and the like, and the distribution channels for decentralized information have become decentralized too.  We are in a world where any article written on any web site has as much chance of being read en masse as something published in The NY Times. As a result…

As positive as the Internet is, the thing that counts is not really having access, but presence. Presence means that what you publish has a reach that touches the decision-makers of society. And still, most societies today are ruled by opinion that is shaped by very few people: Teachers, talk-show hosts, intellectuals, plus a few. Most opinion-makers are deeply dependent on the state and the systems it provides. Be that schools, universities, government funded or protected media, bailouts, access to government information. The list goes on and on.

So, what really is required is a shift of attention, from the “old opinion-makers” to the “new opinion-shapers”. The youth is on that path already, and old media is seeing into the eyes of death.