Probable Fiction

posted by Jonathan Logan on 2009.31.08

What we think to know about reality is actually somewhere between reality and fiction.

Most of what we think we know was never experienced by us, most things we assume to be true we do not understand. The world is big, complicated, and not transparent. How many things we talk about are true? And how many things do we take as true just because they are told by “officials”, mainstream media, teachers?

Have you ever wondered that things so often seem simplistic? What about the vibes that travel through the fibers of reality? The motivations that drive politics? And all the little things that seem not to matter, but do?

What we see around us and how we interpret it is “Probable Fiction”, located somewhere between reality and fiction – what of it outweighs the other we often don’t know. So, what matters is how much it “resonates with reality”. If it is true? Who knows…