Bitcoin presentation, addendum

posted by on 2011.06.15, under Blog, Random Findings

Yesterday I held a small presentation concerning Bitcoin. For those that can read German, here’s the stuff:

Someone even blogged about it: (German)

Bitcoin spam

posted by on 2011.06.09, under Blog, Random Findings

You know when you hit a bubble or a strange business when you receive spam about it.
So it happened to this blog last night. We received two spam comments that try to entice the use of some bitcoin based mining pool, exchanger and whatever.

Have a look at this site: http://www.bitcoins.REMOVED You can actually earn free bitcoins by your own. Currently i think the value is something like $10 each!

Fun 😉

Dear XYZ, Bitcoin

posted by on 2011.06.04, under Agorism, Blog, Probable Fiction

Dear XYZ,
good to hear from you.
It is fascinating how sudden a wide-spread reporting on Bitcoin swept the globe.

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