Weaving the fabric of a good world

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This is an imaginative story, not a mystery. No religion, no guide, only inspiration.

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Theosis Maxima – Chapter 1

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First chapter of my upcoming novel – Theosis Maxima.
It deals with the end of cryptography and the mystical traditions of European Christianity.

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Second Realm


It has been a while since I wrote this small booklet. But it is still relevant.

Lot’s of typos though. As always. And needs some more information on cultural development and how to get people involved.

Check it out:

I wonder when part II will get done.

A terrible thing to see

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Today I stumbled over a sad and confusing report by 60 Minutes concerning people calling themselves “Sovereign Citizens“.
Rather then contributing to the outrage over these people, the making-fun of them, or taking the side of the majority I am more interested in the underlying problem.

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Scribbles: Thinking about humans – C4T

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