Scribble: Inflation

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Bailouts, state guarantees, economic crisis… and every second pundit either warning of inflation or deflation. Enough reason to share a few thoughts about what inflation is. And why it is evil and matters a great great deal.

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State == Evil

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Many people look at me with crossed eyes when I mention that I believe that the State leads to evil behavior. So, I collect examples on that:

In the christian state (intentional sarcasm) of Italy it is now a crime to assist illegal immigrants that are in distress at sea.

If you didn’t find the problem with the first read, read it again – and again.
The State is punishing private people whose only crime it is to help save the life of unwanted (illegal) humans! Let them drown or go to jail? I don’t know what else to say to that without spilling tears of rage and desperation.

Please, dear fellow Christians: STOP justifying the state, it is not your friend, and it violates your law, and it punishes people for doing good.

(I sadly don’t have a link to backup this claim, the source has been German national television (ZDF), “Mittagsmagazine” on Sept 2nd 2009)

Buback murder – Terrorism, Secrets, Legitimacy

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Germany currently sees a micro-scandal surrounding a murder that lies 32 years in the past. What happened? Some RAF (Red Army Fraction) terrorists killed Mr. Buback (chief federal prosecutor of Germany) and two of his companions by firing an automatic weapon at his car. To this date it is unclear who exactly played which role in the murder, and specifically who fired the deadly shots. The son of Mr. Buback has now spent the better part of his life to press the investigators to finally come up with an answer, to no avail – until now. And the answer seems to include some political explosive information. Which is where the scandal begins:

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Thoughts on Homeschooling

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An excellent little treat on homeschooling comes from

Thousands of years of human civilization illustrate that successful societies integrate children into adult society. That is, they don’t warehouse thousands of teens and children with other teens and children.  You learn manners and socialization skills by associating with people who have them: namely, adults. Hanging out constantly with other children teaches you only how to behave like a barbaric child. This is why civilized people build education and training around apprenticeships, home schooling, and other systems that involve close association between adults and children.

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