More on RuleScaping

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Another thing I wrote for LoTNV:

RuleScape: Dynamic peaceful order in societies

We are currently witnessing fundamental changes in human society. Common shared values are lost, general ideologies disappear, technical progress accelerates. And at the same time the systemic inter-dependencies increase, global connections grow and the amplification of power and error roar. Change in general has become a fundamental dynamic. But our concepts of organizing societies have not progressed for the last one hundred years.

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Agreements for a Networked World: RuleScape

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Something I wrote for the folks over at LoTNV:

There are two kinds of dangerous rules: Those that do not work and those that most people ignore.
Both lead to broken peace and stalled life. The usual way of creating rules – law – was to create fixed rules from top to down and enforce them with surveillance and threats of violence.

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Weaving the fabric of a good world

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This is an imaginative story, not a mystery. No religion, no guide, only inspiration.

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Morgenraum philosophy

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I wrote this for one of my dearest projects, the Berlin Morgenraum.

Stuff like this gives me a smile of hope. Warning: German ahead!

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Theosis Maxima – Chapter 1

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First chapter of my upcoming novel – Theosis Maxima.
It deals with the end of cryptography and the mystical traditions of European Christianity.

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Me on

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I have been interviewed by Hiro on See links below:

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Reality-Fiction Continuum

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It is an interesting question when one takes oneself and tries to fit into the big picture of things. Becoming clear of one’s own position in life, world affairs – and defining where one wants to be in the future.
When I asked myself these questions I began scribbling down what I perceived as my personal coordinate system. The result was the name for this blog, and the picture seen here (it is also the title scribble of this website):

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A terrible thing to see

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Today I stumbled over a sad and confusing report by 60 Minutes concerning people calling themselves “Sovereign Citizens“.
Rather then contributing to the outrage over these people, the making-fun of them, or taking the side of the majority I am more interested in the underlying problem.

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Scribbles: Common Sense on Truth

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